Travel Eats


The cat is continuously knocking over water glasses.  Here, I identify the root cause.  I wonder what my peeps think of litterbox paws in their water?


Quality time

I love the holidays.  big sister, Mom, and Dad had a contest to see who I would run to.  Ian has a thick skin, so of course I split my time running between the ladies.  Here I am getting my reward.

I also like little pumpkins.  They are just the right size.




Pom Therapy

Here I am helping the cat to work through her anger issues.  She did pretty good until she took a swipe at me.  No worries, she is old, and I am fast.


Pom on the 'Mac

Maddy came up and we kayaked on the Potomac River putting in at Old Angler's Inn.  I am not sure why anyone would want to leave perfectly good ground, but the family seemed to enjoy it.  There were many hazards, like the green kayak coming too close, but I kept everyone safe.  I had a cool life jacket.  I was a little cold at the end.  I slept the rest of the day.


A Poms Work is Never Done

So we went camping near this place called Assateague Island.  Apparently purposefully, my people went looking for the Assateague horses.  You can seem more pictures here.  They are kind of like the deer from our old place in Texas, only bigger.  Of course I needed to protect my people, so I aggressively barked my warnings to these animals.  It took a lot of effort, but I know the horses cowered to my bark.  I am the protector.  I slept most of day afterward.