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Entering the Harbor, Vancouver

I went out alone early to take some shots of the harbor and the ocean.  The ocean was glassy.  I liked the image of this sailboat gracefully entering the harbor, contrasted by the three white boats.


Good Times!

While in Vancouver people tended to be...well, happy. I snapped this street shot and liked how it came out. I added some blur to focus on the patrons on the left side of the picture, to focus on the folks having a good time.  Blurring the whole image would have looked cool too.



In Vancouver, Canada Stanley Island is definitely worth seeing.  We toured using bikes, which is definitely preferred to the snarled traffic.  There are a few stops along on the loop, including an overlook to view the "Girl in a Wetsuit".  This picture was processed using Photomatix (HDR) and Topaz adjust.


999 Canada Place

This is the top of the ship terminal in Vancouver.  This picture modified using NIK Silver Efex Pro 2.


Local Talent

While in Vancouver we walked into a street fair, which also had a skateboard contest.  There were 5 apparatus, and the winner on each apparatus won $1000.

I took most of my shots from another angle, but liked this one because it captured the audience focused on the skater, complete with several people shoting video.  In the picture below, I asked this kid if I could take his picture, and he said no problem.  I liked his calmness and poise, mixed with shyness.