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Han River

From our time in Korea with bridge reflecting on partially frozen river (coldest part of winter) with Building 63 in the back right part of the image



Ajuma is the formal term for Korean women.  But Ajuma is more than a term.  Ajuma controls the finances and holds a powerful position in the family, yet dutifully spends holidays at her mother-in-laws cooking and cleaning non-stop.  Ajuma feels entitled, as she should.

I took this picture (a reflection off a bus) while waiting for Buddha's Birthday parade in Seoul in 2010.  The black and white transformation, as well as the vignette effect remove color and other distractions from the picture.


lunch for one

Sophie diving into the 15 course meal, where the wait staff wheels an entire tabletop with all of the food already on it to you, and slides it onto your table.  This restaurant was located in the Incheon pottery village about an hour (or three in traffic) outside of Seoul.