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This is a 20 second exposure of the back of our cruise ship, softened and turned to this color of blue in photoshop.  I like the surreal look, and the lack of sharpness except for the mountain in the distance.


Iditarod Pups

We visited Jeff King, 4x Iditarod Champion while in Denali.  What an incredible tour - both informational and fun.  Jeff projects the right mix of Alaskan bravado, dog sledding expertise, and humility.  The tour starts with a "puppy" experience, where visitors get to handle the puppies.  Apparently holding the puppies helps to socialized them.

The pups are not only unbelievable cute and cuddly, but they smelled like hay.  Very cool morning and highly recommended tour.  We had to fleece Maddy to make sure she did not take a puppy when we left.



Another view of Ketchikan from our cruise ship.  Processed using Photomatix and Topaz Adjust.


College Fjord "Calving" Glacier


I left the dinner table to snap a few shots with 85mm fixed lens.  The pictures look great in color, but really liked the black and white with high contrast too.  I don't usually shoot in RAW mode because I am a memory miser, but was happy I did as the RAW images allowed me to adjust exposure post-shoot.


Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau

Just outside of Juneau, this park is definitely worth a trip.  Where else can you see bears catching salmon, see a beautiful glacier, kayak through the icebergs, and feel the mist from a dramatic waterfall.  The glacier ice, unlike regular ice, has a honeycomb matrix.  This photo taken lying on a VW bug sized rock to the right of the waterfall using 150mm focal length, and processed using natural looking HDR.