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Seoul Grill S.A. food truck

My favorite Korean was home for the weekend, and we were excited to try the newest addition to Boardwalk on Bulverde....Seoul Grill SA.  We all miss the street food in Seoul, although Korean Tacos are decidedly an American phenomenon.  They opened with a limited menu--the owner's wife is Korean but under the weather due to her pregnancy.  Sophie was happy to find one of her favorites...

 Potato tornado!  We always loved these in the bitter cold while shopping in Myeong Dong.  Maybe Seoul Grill will start offering some of the crazy toppings---cheese, ranch, etc.

Ian and I shared an order of the bulgogi (beef) and daejigogi (pork) tacos.  Masshisoyo! Looking forward to seeing them at BOB regularly, and hoping their expanded menu includes kimchi and some jigae in the winter when it gets cold.

 Kamsahamnida Seoul Grill for bringing a little Korea to Texas...we'll be OK if you don't serve bundaegae (boiled silkworm larvae), but tteokbokki would be awesome!

The Lee family <3 Seoul Grill.