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Paloma Blanca

This was our second visit to Paloma Blanca .  The first is somewhat of a blur due to the strength of their margaritas, but I do remember an outstanding guacamole made tableside in a molcajete and the serious hangover I had the next day after two margaritas.  This time we took the girls and didn't imbibe.  Despite the heat, we wanted a patio seat and were able to sit next to a burbling fountain and a fan in the shade.  When the front doors opened to admit new customers and the blast of arctic air escaped I didn't regret this decision.  Why do restaurants insist on setting their A/C to meat locker?  The waiter brought the requisite chips and salsa and took our drink order.  Ian had Negro Modela, and unfortunately they didn't have agua fresca or any other interesting non alcoholic beverages--the rest of us had a round of just agua.  Ian and I decided to have the specials: Steak Fundido for him and Nopales Shrimp Tacos for me.  Maddy had the Huachinango de la Casa (grilled red snapper with cilantro crema) and Sophie had the El Exclusivo (quesadilla, enchilada and flauta).

My platter came with two of the tacos (pictured above is ~$9.00 worth of taco), borracha beans and the ubiquitous "Mexican" rice.  The shrimp was properly cooked with coarsely chopped avocado, red onion, cilantro and cilantro crema.  The taco shells were crispy and not greasy.  Overall a really nice preparation but a bit spendy for the simplicity and portion.  Ian's Steak Fundito, served with outstanding homemade tortillas, unfortunately reminded me of the smothered/covered hashbrowns at Waffle House, minus the potatoes.  Tasty to be sure, but basically just a pile of grilled meat/peppers/mushrooms covered with cheese.  Again, you expect more when you are paying $15.00 vs. $5.00.  Sophie was happy with her plate as it involved a lot of cheese, and she finished my Mexian rice--another one of her favorites.  Maddy's fish was good, but not great---tasted less fresh than the last time I had red snapper--to be fair, that fish had been pulled from the Gulf about 24 hours prior.  We will definitely return but more likely for appetizers and drinks on their gorgeous patio--with a designated driver so I can enjoy their outstanding margaritas once again!

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