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Groupon brought us to Nosh tonight for an early dinner, our last night to use the coupon.  Sophie perusing the menu while sipping a virgin "Backyard Lemonade"--lemon, cranberry juices + ginger syrup (minus the citrus vodka).  Tart and delicious.  She was a little disappointed initially to see no special drinks for the younger set, but the bartender graciously omitted the vodka.  I had the "Basil-rita": tequila, fresh basil, simple syrup with housemade sweet & sour.  Didn't see the basil, but I could taste it.

  Tiny drink, tiny price--$4.00.  Nice to not be drinking out of a bowl for a change, I mean as far as margaritas go.  Our server/bartender brought a a nice chilled bottle of water with ice without having to be asked.  Nosh is a small establishment with indoor and outdoor seating, and when we arrived shortly after 4 p.m. we were the only customers.  They do not take reservations, and it filled up quickly this Saturday evening.

The menu focuses on small, shared plates and is extensive without overextending.  Since my co-critic is 12 years old, we focused on kid friendly fare.

Garlic french fries with herbs, garlic aioli and ketchup: $5.00  The fries were cooked and seasoned to perfection.  I will never achieve this level of crispness in a home cooked frie.  Garlic fries can leave you smelling like a Korean subway train at rush hour--these were gently perfumed with garlic without being overpowering.  The aioli was a miss though--not garlicky at all, tasted like straight mayonnaise.  No worries, the fries were good enough to stand on their own.

Grilled Chinese chicken wings with creamy cilantro dipping sauce: $7.00  Another hit.  I am a sucker for teriyaki.  I know, technically Japanese, but I don't know what else to call this combination of salty/sweet/sticky goodness.  The cilantro sauce was also delicious on the fries.

 Grilled flatbread special: Cherry tomatoes, asparagus, black forest ham, white beans and cheddar.  Outstanding!  I knew I would have to pick Sophie's tomatoes off, but she ate the beans!  That is nothing short of miraculous.  This dish was bursting with flavor, and I hope to recreate at home.  We were secretly saving room for the only dessert on the menu.....Italian doughnut holes with cinnamon sugar, served with white and dark chocolate dipping sauces.  They had Sophie at hot doughnuts.

How hot were they?


Wow, these are really hot!  Wow, I have to put this down!


I'll just leave it here in the sauce.....

Suffice it to say we were convinced of their freshness.  These were a cake-type doughnut and we were unable to finish them.  They were still delightful later that evening when we got home and finished the rest.

Head to Nosh.  Bring your friends.  Try a bunch of small plates and teensy drinks.  Their beer selection is rocking as well--on my list to try, Wells Banana Bread Ale!

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