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 Kao Soi.  We hit the jackpot on our first visit to Madame Mam's, and kao soi was the reason for our return.   We had a wonderful visit to Chiang Mai in January of 2010 and Sophie had an Asian food epiphany.  After spending our first trip to Thailand eating spaghetti and smoothies, she branched out and tried kao soi on a mountain bike tour in Chiang Mai---you are hungry after an hour of biking and the tour guide takes you to a kao soi restaurant and you eat kao soi. It became her go to dish for the rest of the trip.  After nearly 2 years in Korea, Sophie's taste buds had matured and she was willing to take the heat!   And how can you complain about a noodle dish topped with fried noodles?  After many fruitless trips to various Thai establishments here in Texas, we finally found one that served the elusive kao soi.

Kao soi! Cue the hallelujah chorus!

They also make a wonderful Panang curry.  Spicy, rich and the portion sizes are perfect.  We always have too much! 


Not pictured are their outstanding Som Tum (green papaya salad) and Pad Thai--two dishes that we order at nearly every Thai restaurant because they are my and Ian's favorites respectively.  The pad thai was fresh and not swimming in grease, the som tum was crunchy, refreshing with actual RIPE tomatoes.  Chang beer on special for $3.00 was a bonus.  Our first visit was super crowded, but arrival at 5 p.m. on a Sunday will guarantee you a table.  My only wish is for a restaurant that offers the whole deep fried fish with herbs that we grew accustomed to at the night markets in Thailand, but I thought it would be poor form to point to the fish tank and ask "how much?"

ขอบคุณค่ะ (kop khun kha) (thank you) Madame Mam for giving us our kao soi!  We will be back!

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