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The Cove

It's a restaurant, it's a carwash, it's a laundromat!  The Cove is well known in San Antonio for it's fish tacos and awesome beer selection.  With plentiful indoor and outdoor seating and a playscape for the kids, it's a great place to eat and relax with the family and friends.  There is an obvious emphasis on fresh and local foods.  Their menu has selections to satify the meat eaters and the vegetarians.  Ian and I had lunch there on a warm spring day.  Pictured above is the vegetarian plate and the lamburger with sweet potato fries.  On the vegetarian platter was a raw kale salad, hummus, Moroccan sweet potato salad and traditional potato salad--each seasoned to perfection.  The lamburger was juicy and not overcooked and apparently "the best lamburger ever" according to Guy Fieri who featured the Cove on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives."  For once I wouldn't argue with him.  We haven't made it back to the Cove since our lunch but plan to enjoy one of their beer tasting nights or some live music in the future.  Definite two thumbs up!

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