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Boardwalk on Bulverde: Food Truck Throwdown For Realz


Yeehaw!  Two nights of fun at the Boardwalk on Bulverde during the food truck throwdown this weekend.  We had to go back Sunday to make up for not being able to eat enough on Friday. 

 Roasted veggie empanada from ; Sophie fell in love with empanadas a while back and this was a perfect starter for her evening.  Crispy/flaky crust enrobing roast veggies--you know it is good when she doesn't pick anything out! Lucky for us  the MMMMpanadas truck was there Friday night.

Pulled-pork bahn mi from the Duk Truck--couldn't stop eating this!  Left too little room in my stomach so we had to come back Sunday.  Not too spicy even with the sliced jalapenos, and the fresh herbs were terrific.  It was actually a relief that they weren't there Sunday so I had to try something new.

Ample seating with shade, and unfortunately, lots of bees.  We wised up on Sunday and didn't buy any soda. They had beer and water for sale as well.  I thought $2 was a little too steep for water, but $3 for beer was reasonable :)

 Gourmet mac n cheese from Guilty Pleasures: herbs + multiple cheeses.  Definitely a crowd pleaser, I saw this on a lot of tables.

Peanut butter chocolate smores crepe from Crepe Nation: gooey marshmallowy goodness.  Thank goodness the bees didn't find us.

Lines weren't bad, and noone seemed to run out of food when we were there.  Tropical Storm Don, while not blessing us with much rain, did make for some cooling breezes and relatively overcast skies  Friday night.

Trying not to become double-wide......Round Two on Sunday evening...a little hotter but less crowded and still plenty of choices.

 Sophie obsessed over this pizza crepe all day Saturday and Sunday until we made a return visit to Crepe Nation.

Bistro Six's ahi tacos--these were my favorite dish, and at $5 for two and incredible bargain. For some reason, the bees loved this too! As bees swarmed, I stood my ground and didn't drop my plate despite my long-standing bee phobia.

Cookies and creme cupcake

Almond Joy cupcake and other assorted treats from Heavenly Sweets.  With two pre-teens in tow Sunday this truck got a lot of our business on Sunday. 



Sweets and treats! P    o  p  s   i   c   l   e       h   e   a  v   e   n   !  



 The best paleta EVER from Colibri Cuisine.  Chemoya/cucumber/pineapple with just a touch of chili, and their steak quesadilla was awesome too.  They convinced my steak hating kid with a free sample. 


Heaven sent! 

                                            The roast corn from Saysheate was the best I had ever had...wish I had saved room for their duck fat fries!  

 Despite the heat and full bellies, the kids loved the bouncy slide--had to pry them away.  

  Props to the event organizers for realizing kids are crazy enough to want/need this type of entertainment, made for happier parents...     The only downside was the heat (unless you were a kid and didn't notice it), nothing anyone can control in Texas in July.  Very happy to hear there will be an October event at Boardwalk on Bulverde!

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Boardwalk on Bulverde Food Truck Throwdown

Did all this food make my butt look big? Stay tuned....


Ahi fish tacos from Bistro Six

  Boardwalk on Bulverde is San Antonio's only food truck park that I am aware of--this was our second visit.  I did miss the Moroccan truck until I saw that Bistro Six at Boardwalk on Bulverde knows how to sear some ahi.  Ian and I both ordered their seared ahi tacos with chimichurri slaw--$8 for three tacos in corn tortillas.   We typically order different dishes and share, but with Ian's love for ahi I was afraid I might pull back a bloody stump should I reach for his plate.  The ahi was juicy and the slaw had just the right bite. The portions were substantial--with Whole Foods charging $26/lb for ahi it felt like a steal.  I could almost imagine we were back in Hawaii with the mild weather and outdoor dining.  There are tables and chairs, but if you get there later than 7pm it's probably a good idea to bring your own.  There is a "cantina" truck, but it was closed the two times we went so if you are wishing for an adult beverage BYOB.  Don't worry, they have restrooms--and not the portable kind.  When the food runs out the trucks will close up shop.  There is a sound system, at times a projection t.v. and a play area for the kids.  Parking is adequate as well.   A great way to spend a Friday evening before it gets too hot!

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