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Momaks Backyard malts and burgers

 I have driven past this restaurant a number of times on my way back from running at McAllister Park, and the combination of burgers/malts/play area for kids is irresistible to a parent.   Even if your kid doesn't like burgers.  We previewed the menu on line; they had Sophie at orange-cream malt.  Unfortunately, they no longer have that flavor--she settled on chocolate and Ian had mango.  I had a margarita which was o.k. and apparently with the right amount of tequila for me to feel a little wistful when the sound system played REM's "Night Swimming".    Sophie found some kids to play with straight away and Ian and I enjoyed the outdoor seating and eclectic music tracks.  I had a Momak Classic Burger with cheddar and bacon, Ian had the Momak Rancher's Choice, and Sophie had a chicken tender plate.  We shared a bucket of fries which were nothing special but at least crispy and fresh.  The burgers were good--cooked medium because we forgot to ask for medium rare.  The jalapenos on Ian's burger were pretty spicy--they must have been fresh prior to their dunk in the deep fryer.  To quote Sophie, "It's not the best burger I've had," but it was all location, location, location.  When your kid has a good enough time to say goodbye to the kids she was playing with you can suffer an o.k. meal.

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