Travel Eats

About Ginny

Day Job: certified nurse-midwife

Dream Job: certified nurse-midwife, private chef to Lance Armstrong

Biggest Accomplishment: aside from raising two beautiful daughters and marrying my best friend...Ironman Florida finisher 2005

Oh the places I've been: Taiwan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Guam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vancouver....obviously Asian influence, hence the bubble tea obsession

Favorite Food: anything my mom makes, peaches, street food

Hobbies: running, biking, knitting

Favorite Cocktail: Pimm's Cup

Kitchen Implement I couldn't live without: espresso maker--without it nothing would get done

Blogger I would most like to meet: Jennifer Reese of the Tipsy Baker--I think we could hang out 

What's on your Pandora: the Decemberists, the Nationals, Arcade Fire, the Mountain Goats

What's on your bedside table:  Around My French Table, A Dance With Dragons (this is Maddy's fault)


About Ian

Day Job: healthcare admin graduate student & physical therapist

Dream Job: still figuring this one out, but think I am getting close

Biggest Accomplishment: what she said, and choosing the path I believe I was meant to follow

Oh the places I've been: same as Ginny, plus Okinawa, Vietnam, and the Middle East

Favorite Food: steak, fish (especially ahi poke), pork belly, and seafood

Hobbies: photography (of course!), running, biking, swimming, hiking

Favorite Cocktail: Gibson or Aviation

Photography equipment I couldn't live without: 105mm macro lens

Deceased people I would like to meet: Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, Machiavelli

What's on your Pandora: Linkin Park, Death Cab for Cutie, Hawaiian

What's on your bedside table: Whatever my family puts on the Kindle